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Phantasmagorical Pile of Ultrabollocks

Strike while the irony is hot
LIMITED BLANKET PERMISSION (under certain conditions): I am happy to give permission for any of my stories to be translated or podficced as long as you link back to my original story and credit me. It would be particularly lovely if you wanted to post it to AO3.

I do NOT grant blanket permission to remix any of my stories or to write a prequel or sequel for any of them. I have an unfortunate habit of writing a sequel or prequel of a story months after I've written it, when the mood strikes, and I prefer to reserve that right.


Draycevixen ♦ On the subject of friending ♣ Fandom ♥ Comments on my stories that have amused me ♠ Credits
“When I grow up, I want to be a writer or a pirate.” My diary entry, aged 7. I’m still trying...

I’m the kind of woman who laughs at a funeral... a jerk of all trades and mistress of none... an enthusiast NOT an optimist... basically content with my lot (only fools are blindly happy).

I laugh as often as is humanly possible.

AGE STATEMENT FOR COMS THAT REQUIRE SUCH THINGS: I am clearly, but not tragically, way past my 21st birthday.
Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, “What! You too? I thought I was the only one.” – C. S. Lewis.

I prefer to have something in common with my friends beyond mutual fannish interests. That doesn’t have to mean anything concrete, it might just be the same sense of humour.

If you have a completely empty journal and/or I have never interacted with you, I’m sorry but I’m probably not going to friend you back unless we get to know each other better. I’m not always fast to friend but I make up for it by being extremely loyal.

My LJ is not, unfortunately, locked due to containing the wisdom of the ages but rather is stuffed full of tinfoil helmets and sealing wax. It is flocked due to a now (thankfully long past) unpleasant stalker involving the intrusion of an old fandom in to my RL.

If you’re STILL think of friending me, even after reading all of this – strange, you look sane – please go HERE and introduce yourself as I don’t have friending request notifications turned on.
Unless you've reached this page in error, you've probably popped over from fandom land. Here, have a cuppa.

I've written Slash, Gen, Het and Femslash but I’m primarily a slasher.

Most of my fan fiction has been written for Life on Mars (UK), Man from Uncle, Person of Interest, The Professionals and V for Vendetta.

However, due to my love for cracky crossovers and a FIEND! friend list that likes to see how much they can break my brain I’ve dabbled in a lot of odd fandoms besides.

I'm currently most active in The Professionals (OTP: Bodie/Doyle) and Person of Interest (OTP: Reese/Finch) fandoms.

All of my fan fiction can be found here (click the banner link):

I think this is the most charming love story I've ever read involving victims of mind control drugs and rape and extortion at the hands of ruthless young women bent on revenge for their hustling brother's suicide. reynardin

I cannot list all the very, very strange things I have read. I can tell you though, that this wins the weirdness award. And the one for entertainment. It was...really good. And I'm not sure how on earth to react to it, and, erm, well. Thank you for proving that fandom can still be a very, very surprising place. kiwi_from_hell

This is seriously awesome!!!!! I've read Cartland books, and you are waaaaaaaay better than that!! :) siluria

Okay this is an intervention, just put the crack down and it will all be okay. saintvic

Emo lemur for the win! sytaxia

Best use of a rubber duck ever acidpenguin46

Flippin heck, woman -- you nearly blew my cassock off. norfolkdumpling

not going to be able to go through the scented candle display at M&S for a *while* now, damn you... halotolerant

Oh my holy incoherency *blinks* jean_geanie

This should come with a warning to hose down with holy water after reading and get thee to the nearest confessional! jj_minerva

Non-constructive criticism? Inadequate use of the letter 'q', demonstrating that you're a great, sissy, nancy, girly, french-bending, q-hating Manchester United supporting poof! Also, this fic completely fails to address economic concerns on Kiribati! And you write like a person with an unflattering hairstyle and no aptitude for math! Seriously, a good read. Quite fun. wolfy_writing

Oh my word. Toe biting Gene. Rubber ducks and loofahs as butt plugs... Scooby/LoM porn FTW! sytaxia
My lovely "Person of Interest" animated mood them is entirely the work of togsos

My lovely "Sherlock (BBC)" animated mood theme is entirely the work of ponchogoblins

My lovely "Life On Mars" animated mood theme is entirely the work of in_the_end

Profile layout by noveltybox


Made for me by the lovely chamekke

Drawn for my birthday by the fabulous reynardin

Just call me Vixen, Drayce Vixen. Chibi me as drawn by the fabulous togsos

from ND
From the ever lovely norfolkdumpling

From the ever lovely saintvic

detective/ci5 help
Made for me by the lovely norfolkdumpling because sometimes a woman just needs professional help. *g*


Made by the fabulous togsos to inspire me... best not to ask to do what. :D