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General List of Likes and DNWs for Exchanges


Here to be linked to from exchange specific letters.

Fic things I love

As long as you avoid my DNWs I love a lot of different things in fic.

I love long plotty stories, character-driven PWP and even well-executed drabbles.

I love misunderstanding, jealousy, hurt/comfort and angst by the shed load. In fact, I’m really overly fond of “we bloody well earned this happy ending” angst.

I love 'shippy fic, from the sexually explicit to the sort where the raising of a single eyebrow is deeply significant.

I love that aching feeling when character A is sure that character B would never be interested in him, but not when it crosses the line in to character A thinking no one would ever be interested in him.

If they’re in a relationship I want the characters to remain as true to canon as possible, for instance, not suddenly bursting in to tears when they would never do so in canon.

I don't mind a little kink but towards the vanilla end of the spectrum. As an example, in fic I like a little rough sex or the use of handcuffs but not as part of a larger (more formalized?) d/s or BDSM story.

I love snark, banter, understated humour and crack!fic of the sort where your eyes roll when you read the story’s header but once you read the story you think "well that makes sense" and then worry that you might need psychiatric help; not everyone is now a Meerkat, more Doctor Who is John Watson’s new psychiatrist.

I have a ridiculous fondness for tropes in the “forced to share a bed,” “drunken declarations,” “we’re going to die so...” type of vein.

I have a massive competency kink. The characters I love tend to be defined in large part by their competency. To be clear, it’s not perfection that attracts me. The characters that fascinate me get knocked down a lot, are often still carrying the scars (whether or not they’re visible) and still get back up and regularly attempt the impossible; think Batman, not Superman. Please do not make competent characters weak to fit a story.

I love characters that think a lot but say little and often the little they do say is at odds with what they’re thinking.

In short (too late), I enjoy everything that isn't on my DNW list.

Do Not Wants

As this is a general list to cover any exchange I may have signed up for I'd just like to start this list with a special request.

I am totally onboard with receiving gen fic as long as it avoids my DNWs and focuses on the characters I've nominated. What I do specifically ask is that you don't split up my OTPs to pair them up with other characters. Again, if you don't want to write A/B, I promise I will love A&B but please do NOT write A/C or B/C. Thank you!


Animal abuse/death
AUs like coffee shop and everyone has always been a circus clown
(Canon divergence or Trope AUs – wings, soul marks, etc – is A-OK just please stick with the canon setting and the characters' professions)
Blood play
Breath play
Character Death
(unless it's canon but I'm very fond of fix-it fics)
Daddy Kink
Humiliation as a kink
Noncon/rape between requested characters
(otherwise as long as it's not the graphic focus of your story go for it if you need it for plot/character reasons or it's canon)
Underage Sex
Extreme Whump
(Nothing permanent beyond, perhaps, scarring unless it's canon. No loss of limbs, eyes, etc.)

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